Don't Lose Your Hair to CHemo. 


Cold Cap Therapy Assistance
for Hair Preservation

Don’t Lose Your Hair to Chemo.

The choice to integrate cold capping into your treatment plan can give you the power and privacy over a situation that feels beyond your control. 

Why Choose CPA?

CPA provides a capping technician for each patient to assist in cold capping during chemotherapy infusion. The CPA experience allows patients to check cold capping off their list of things to prepare for during the day of treatment, alleviating some of the stress we all know chemotherapy brings upon patients, friends, and family.

What are the Steps?

Select A Package

We offer a variety of assistive care options the help make your cold capping experience as stress free as possible dependent on what makes the most sense for you and your team. Contact us and we can help you select which one is best for your needs.

Book With Us

After consulting with your medical team and deciding if cold cap therapy is right for you, contact us to book your package. We will help guide you on how to schedule with your infusion center and provide a service timeline that coincides with your chemotherapy schedule.

Let Us Do The Work

We are here to help during this challenging time in your life. The CPA experience is specifically designed to provide a hassle free experience for patients. Our capping technicians are well-trained and dedicated to delivering the results you expect. And our training module tells you exactly what to expect and how to prepare for day one.

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Don’t Lose Your Hair to Chemo