Our Story

The day I found out my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, the overwhelming emotion I experienced was one of helplessness. There were so many unknowns and unchartered waters. But in the midst of doctors appointments and medical care decisions, we learned about cold cap therapy – the option that allowed her the choice to keep her hair. The treatment promised hope in what seemed like a hopeless time – the chance for my mother to be able to look in the mirror and see herself as if life was normal.

Her choice to pursue cold cap therapy gave her back control which provided an enormous emotional benefit. But as our family sought options for therapy, we discovered that local assistive care was extremely limited. Through countless hours of research and outreach, we were able to put together a treatment plan.

Being actively engaged in this process made me realize two things: arranging assistive support should be easier, and I could do something about that.

I learned the capping process myself through hands-on training and helped my mom through each chemo session. The treatment worked for her and she is now on the road to recovery while having kept her battles visually unknown. Cold capping gave her the choice to keep her personal life private.

This experience inspired me to launch Capping Partners of America with the same passion I put into assisting my mother. Our goal is to make this process simple for patients and caregivers, and ultimately to alleviate some of the stress chemotherapy brings upon patients, friends, and family.

It’s my mission to provide quality cold capping services to another caregiver, maybe even a daughter just like me, who is determined to do anything to help. CPA promises hope for the patient who wants to look in that mirror and see life as it was and will be again.